Ultrafast Fibre Broadband reaches Crickhowell

Beacons Telecom brings Ultrafast Fibre Broadband to the world’s first Televillage

Announced in 1995, the Televillage in Crickhowell was heralded as a showcase of 21st century living.  Bringing together all that was needed for living and working from home only needed one item to glue this together.  As part of the rollout of the Beacons Telecom Ultrafast Fibre Broadband Network across Wales, Beacons Telecom are finally bringing Gigabit speeds to the properties.

Back in 1995 home working was very much the exception for a small minority of workers.  Nowadays it has become the norm for many workers and during lockdown, has been the only way that many of us have been able to continue in our employment.

Fibre broadband from Beacons Telecom is taking one part of the stress of working from home away by bringing the speeds and stability that we all now need.