Sustainability and Fibre Go Hand in Hand!

There’s no denying the importance of sustainability and the impact which is being made to the environment we all live and breathe in. That’s why as part of Wales Climate Week 2021, we are taking a closer look at the environmental benefits the Beacons Telecom fibre network has to offer.

The future of the Earth is becoming increasingly more at risk. Growing concerns over what can be done to reduce our damage to the environment are frequently being talked about. But one consideration towards a greener future, which you may not have thought about before, is your internet.

Compared to the typical copper network many of us have been used to for many years, the Beacons Telecom fibre network provides many environmentally friendly benefits! Our Fibre network in fact, does not require the constant power to operate, unlike copper networks and therefore, the energy consumption from the fibre network we are developing is far less.

As well as this, the fibre used in our network is far smaller in size than copper. As a result, our fibre can be placed much easier and more efficiently when trenching, leading to the overall process being much cheaper and quicker as well as less destructive to our environment.

Fun Fact: Fibres are only 125 micrometres (µm) in diameter which is just slightly thicker than that of the average human hair!

Here is an image of one of our engineers splicing together fibre at a recent installation!

Fibre also takes far less need for repair, meaning that our engineers won’t need to travel around your local area as much, resulting in far less carbon being emitted. But when repairs are needed, these are done far quicker and more efficiently compared to copper wires!

The demand for our Beacons Telecom fibre broadband is rapidly increasing due to the number of proven benefits. So here is a thought to consider… Imagine switching to our fibre to the premise (FTTP), whilst receiving ultrafast speeds, supporting a local business who delivers on excellent customer care as well as playing your part in the development of a more sustainable future. A pretty great deal, right?

Our reliable fibre networks can keep up with the high demands of bandwidth and streaming whether that be through services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime or when you are simply just playing your favourite video game, being on FaceTime with friends and family or regularly browsing the web. There is no need for all these additional wires to be installed in your home which just end up looking untidy or the undergoing of regular updates to increase your speeds. Once installed, fibre maintains its speeds regardless.

Beacons Telecom have the main aim of providing ultrafast fibre to the premise in rural areas around Wales for both residents and businesses, offering far more efficient and reliable internet speeds whilst committing to a more sustainable and greener future.

If you are looking for much better internet speeds, affordable deals and wanting to become more sustainable whilst playing your part with improving the environment for our future, then the switch to our fibre is the right decision for you!