The Sky WiFi Issue


5 out of 10 support issues that we receive right now are caused by this Sky WiFi issue!


The WiFi network has just disappeared altogether or the WiFi network is there but it’s telling you that the password is incorrect or cannot be joined.

The Problem

The Sky Q system is using the same WiFi frequencies to connect all Sky Q boxes you may have as is used by all commercially available routers.  There are only a limited number of frequencies licenced for indoor use and not only does the Sky system use the same frequencies but it uses all the frequencies at the same time.  We think this is more than a little greedy as technically it is really not necessary even if working at Ultra High Definition resolution. At best, your WiFi router will see this as interference, at worst it will stop your connection working altogether.  Even if you only have 1 Sky box, Sky will take up your entire WiFi bandwidth.

This problem is well reported on the Sky user forums although few solutions have been recommended.

We do suspect that Sky does this to cause WiFi problems when working with other ISP’s and is part of Sky’s stranglehold on you.

To check if this is what is causing your problems, turn off all Sky systems and try your WiFi again.

The Solution

Fortunately, there is a solution! Here’s how.

  1. Enable a wired Ethernet connection into your Sky Q boxes.  There are many ways to do this.
    • Wired Solution – Run a wire between the router and the network socket on the Sky Q boxes.  This could be a simple ready-made patch lead or CAT5/CAT6 wiring from any competent electrician.
    • Powerline Adapter.  If the electrical wiring is in a good condition, Powerline Adapters can be a quick and easy way to put a network connection in place.  These use the earth and neutral wires in your electrical circuits to create a network around the house. Various makes and models are available with a twin pack costing around £25.00.  Plug the adapter into the electric socket and connect the network cable into the Sky Q box.  We don’t recommend the WiFi version as this is likely to create more WiFi interference which is what we are trying to reduce.  These are not recommended in older properties where we have seen frequent problems from sometimes surprising causes.  These are usually caused by damp, inherent inside old stone walls up to mini spider webs affecting the service.
    • WiFi Mesh Network – For those requiring a whole-home WiFi system as well as solving the Sky Q issue, several WiFi mesh systems are available at a range of prices.  We recommend the WiFi 6 technology recently launched on the market.  Make sure the Mesh Access Points (APs) have a network socket.  Connect this network socket into the Sky Q box.
  2. Turn off the WiFi on your Sky Q system.  This includes all Sky Q boxes and Sky Q mini boxes that Sky may have recommended to try to solve the WiFi issue. There are plenty of guides out on the internet of how to do this. Try searching for How to disable Sky Q WiFi.


So now you should be free from the Sky Q problem.  This only leaves the neighbors WiFi to sort out but that’s another article!