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The Future – Now

Beacons Telecom is dedicated to providing Wales with Ultrafast Fibre Broadband.

For the lucky few, fibre is the now, let alone the future . With Beacons Telecom you no longer need to rely on BT ‘s creaking network of copper lines with fluctuating speeds and random disconnects.

Beacons Telecom is giving you access right now to the latest technology, Ultrafast Fibre Broadband.



Beacons Telecom understands that having reliable and fast broadband connects communities’ and brings people together and in times of crisis, broadband can be your lifeline. We know that families rely on having good broadband available to them 24/7.

Nearly everything we do requires broadband and that is only going to become more evident as the years go by.

Dont worry, Reliable and Ultrafast broadband is coming your way.



A local company for local people; Wales now has it’s very own provider of Ultrafast Fibre Broadband!

Beacons Telecom is a Welsh company providing Ultrafast Fibre Broadband to the people and businesses of Wales.

About Us

Beacons Telecom Ltd are providing Wales with Ultrafast Fibre Broadband (FTTP)  For those who want it, we can also take over your existing home or business phones on your existing phone number. We are enthusiastic to provide the best customer service in the UK along with the best connection you’ve had to date.
The majority of big name broadband providers can only provide ultrafast speeds to a small percentage of the UK.
Ultrafast Broadband speeds are becoming more and more in demand due to the high volume of devices we use in our homes that require connection to Wifi.
No price changes during your contract/minimum term.
We are Government Funded – so the prices for our ultra-fast packages are also ultra-competitive.
We have a dedicated customer service department to deal with any queries or questions you may have.
Beacons Telecom is a local Welsh company based in the heart of Wales.
We have faster download speeds at a cheaper rate compared to other competitors.
We have an ever expanding team of top class engineers, which means every installation is completed with excellent attention to detail, meaning you have top of the range service from the day it is installed.

Unlike other providers, your bill won’t rise massively at the end of your 12 month contract.